TI Keystone Linux Overview


Keystone range of SoCs are based on ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore Processors
and c66x DSP cores. This document describes essential information required
for users to run Linux on Keystone based EVMs from Texas Instruments.

Following SoCs & EVMs are currently supported:-

———— K2HK SoC and EVM ————————————————–

a.k.a Keystone 2 Hawking/Kepler SoC
TCI6636K2H & TCI6636K2K: See documentation at


———— K2E SoC and EVM —————————————————

a.k.a Keystone 2 Edison SoC
K2E - 66AK2E05: See documentation at


———— K2L SoC and EVM —————————————————

a.k.a Keystone 2 Lamarr SoC
K2L - TCI6630K2L: See documentation at


All of the K2 SoCs/EVMs share a common defconfig, keystone_defconfig and same
image is used to boot on individual EVMs. The platform configuration is
specified through DTS. Following are the DTS used:-
K2HK EVM : k2hk-evm.dts
K2E EVM : k2e-evm.dts
K2L EVM : k2l-evm.dts

The device tree documentation for the keystone machines are located at

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Murali Karicheri
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